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I am interested in reading – and writing – books that have some meaning, some impact; that do not just entertain, but make us into better people. Fiction has great power to change us: we take the hero’s journey with them, and so stories can lead us deeper into the truth of who we are.

I have always loved fantasy, but as a born cynic I would ask myself, ‘Isn’t this unrealistic? Why does good always triumph over evil?’ But I have learnt to find this truth in fantasy: good always triumphs over evil because this is an inevitability. The story follows our inner journey, the one each of us must take over our lifetime: a journey from darkness and struggle that always holds the potential for light. Each one of us has that potential to conquer our inner demons and find our own enlightenment; that potential is indestructible, and the darkness within our mind is only a temporary obstruction. So, good will always triumph over evil, in the end.

The novels I write will, I hope, be one little spark to illuminate and encourage that inner journey.

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The books you read collect all your secrets.

Lillian is an apprentice of the hidden magic of Foliomancy. When she reads, the characters in the novel divulge the secrets of those who have read them before. Lillian is determined to get the vote for women, even if that means lying, stealing and blackmailing her way into politics. But when a politician’s daughter catches her breaking into their library, her plans spiral out of control.

This novella is a fun romp through Victorian literature, where snarky heroines discover love, fight injustice, and find a way to dictate their own future.

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About Me

I live in a Buddhist community in the middle of nowhere. I walk in the woods every day, and would probably be happy never to go into a city again (as long as I have access to online shopping).

There is a lot of the insight I have gained through meditation in my writing – but my books aren’t Buddhist books. I just try to inspire everyone to be good and kind and happy.